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Why Choose a Metal Roof?

Smart Homeowners are Choosing Metal Roofing Over Shingles. Here's Why.

Installed to the Highest Standards

All of our installations are carried out following the manufacturers 11-step process

Increased Curb Appeal

Enhance the visual appeal and ensure the value of your property

Lasts a Lifetime

Unlike shingles, our metal roofs will literally last a lifetime, covered by our 55-year warranty!

Maintenance Free

Metal roofing is virtually maintenance free for its lifetime, and will not rust or discolour

Surprisingly Affordable

Metal roofing is a surprisingly affordable alternative to shingles, especially given its lifespan

Better for the Environment

Metal roofing can be installed right over your shingle roof - meaning no pile of shingles headed to the dump!

55 Year Transferrable Warranty

Never worry about re-roofing again, your new metal roof is covered by our iron-clad 55-year warranty

Fire, Wind and Hail Resistant

Enjoy the peace of mind a properly installed steel roof provides

Energy Efficient

Save up to 30% on your energy bills compared to shingle roofs

Pest Proof

Keep Raccoons, Bugs, Squirrels and other pests out of your home

Proudly Made in Canada

All of our metal roofing products are made right here in Ontario, Canada.

Far-Superior Alternative to Shingles

Metal roofing is far better than shingles in a variety of ways - read our shingles vs metal roofing comparison to learn more

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